lunes, 31 de enero de 2011


A full-mouth reconstruction is a challenging treatment modality. The entire dentition is rehabilitated during a full-mouth reconstruction. The restorative dentist needs to thoroughly understand every aspect of the dentition, its relationship to the temporo-mandibular joints, and the functional interactions of the masticatory muscles. A full-mouth reconstruction approaches the oral cavity truly holistically. It leads to a complete rehabilitation of the mouth. Factors such as "vertical dimension," "centric relation," "speech," "muscle tone," and "equilibrated bite" are essential elements of a full-mouth reconstruction.

The Full Oral Rehabilitation is also a process whereby the teeth of the upper and lower arches of the oral cavity are reconstructed.  This may be done to improve aesthetics, to close gaps between teeth and to reverse the signs of dental ageing.  Composite fillings, veneers, crown and bridge work as well as implant crowns, may be utilized to obtain the desired result.

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